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A word originating in Lancaster, California meaning a cheap, masculine, hermaphroditic prostitute dressed as a woman.

It is commonly used as an insult or a means to describe anyone/ anything similar to a tostiprute such as a very ugly whore, a transvestite prostiture (for which the proper term is trostipute), an excedingly masculine woman, etc. rather than its official meaning.
Kevin took that five dollars and bought himself a tostiprute!

Man, she looks like a frikkin tostiprute!
by Marlon the PiGGuin December 11, 2006
a transvestite prostitute

commonly confused/used interchangably with tostiprute
Glen Milstead (b.k.a. Devine) was definitely a trostipute.
by Marlon the PiGGuin December 11, 2006
A word used to define the clarinet due to the pimpocity of those who play it and its awesomeness as an instrument.
Dude: What instrument do you play?
Marlon: I don't play an instrument, I play the Pimpstrument.
by Marlon The PiGGuin January 03, 2007

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