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"to juhn" one's hair is to use semen as hair gel, either as a fetish or if an alternative form of gel is not available. This was made famous in the 1998 movie "There's Something about Mary".
"Look at Sam. He really juhned his hair."
"Those greasers look like they have juhned their ahir."
by Marky Choi October 30, 2010
shakalohana is a Hawaiian/Polynesian word first used in 1920s as a greeting similar to aloha. It is a combination of shaka, aloha, and ohana. It was adopted on the West Coast in the 1960s as the surfer movement came into being.
shakalohana! (hello!)
shakalohana!, Kaikua'ana (hello, my brother).
by Marky Choi October 12, 2010

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