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Everyone gets a kind of marijuana smoking device, preferably a different kind; ie. bong, pipe, joint, etc. Everyone takes a hit and passes to the left forming a non-stop train of smoke till the weed is gone.
Mark: Its 4/20, lets do a mary jane train!!!
(Mark precedes to pack 4 different kinds of pipes)
Mark: Everyone take a hit and pass to the left, lets get this choo choo rollin!
by MarkusMcNugen April 06, 2010
A temporary relationship between two people that lasts as long as you are conversating.
Person 1: Whats up?
Person 2: Nothing. Just chillin.
Person 1: Cool, sounds like fun...
Person 2: Yep, well Im gonna get going. TTYL.
Person 1: Alright, well this was a fun conversationship... later.
by MarkusMcNugen January 25, 2012

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