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People who smoke weed, and sometimes other drugs.
Stoners are people who smoke marijuana regularly.
by Markkk December 05, 2006
Metallica is one of the greatest, and most unique and influential bands of all time. Although you can argue after over 100 songs their songs do sound similar, they have so many unique songs, the main ones created by the self taught singer, guitarist songwriter James Hetfield. These songs include: Sad But True, The Unforgiven, One, Fade To Black, Master of Puppets, Mama Said, Welcome Home and heaps more. They have changed their style dramatically, from thrash metal to metal, to heavy metal, to hard rock, and at the moment back to heavy metal, however judging by the songs on the new album their new hgenre will be Hard Rock and Metal Punk, sort of like their favourite bandf the Misfits. They have lost a considerable amount of originality, as teh songs on St. Anger could easily be from another heavy metal band, however their timeless albums like Kill Em All, Ride The Lightning, The Black ALbum, Master of Puppets, and ...And Justice for All are Metallica at their peak. James HEtfield the main songwriter is surprisingly self taught, so is drummer Lars Ulrich, but not Kirk Hammett, who is taught by Joe Satriani, and Cliff Burton outgrew all his teacher, and then taught himself, and Jason Newsted wasn't self taught, and neither was Robert Trujilo. They are a great band, and deserve all the recognition tehy recieve as the best Metal band of all time. They also are great people, and have tryed their hardest to get off drugs and alcohol, which they have done successfully, and are now obviously heaps different, but better people. Their newest album comes out in the summer of 2007, which I am sure will be another great album from the best Hard Rock/Metal band of all time. Rock On!!!!!!!!!! R.I.P. Cliff
Metallica have sold over 100,000 albums!
by Markkk December 05, 2006
An awesome band from Brisbane, who usually play at Radar Rock Live in the Park in Indooroopilly, and have written many original songs including The Ekka Song, Again & Again, Incompetent, No Turning Back, and many others which have been only released in demo form. Go to www.blastoff.org, for details on when the concerts they usually play at are on. The genre of music they play is Rock, combined with acoustic and just classic rock, which creates a unigue and awesome sound. A.K.A The Spades and The Spunts
Void (band) is a great unique rock band waiting to be discovered.
by Markkk December 05, 2006

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