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One of the most underrated actors of out day.
"John Cusack will never get the recognition he deserves."
by Marki G May 19, 2005
Something bad; awful; disappointing.

Coming from This Is Spinal Tap, when the band's CD "Shark Sandwich" is referred to in one review only as "Shit Sandwich".
"That movie sucked big time. It was a Shark Sandwich."
by Marki G May 29, 2005
A term used when addressing a homie or dogg. It is often used by black people or people of dark skin. It can also be used when somebody of white or light skin speaks to another person of the same epidermic complexion in a mocking or humourous manner.
"hey niggro, wassup"
"nothin' nigga jus hangin"
by Marki G May 17, 2005
A slang term for damn. Often used by gangstas or thugs trying to play like they are "all that".
"dayem, she got some gangsta titties"
by Marki G May 17, 2005
The result of a toilet overflowing onto somebody's carpet. Happens when you take a large dump and the toilet clogs up, and the water starts to pour out of the bowl. It flows into the hallway and creates a horrifying stench that lingers for days on end.
"When I was at Steve's I took a huge crap and made a carpet lake. It was hilarious."
by Marki G May 19, 2005
Basically the same as nig nig but with more effort. Punch it out when you speak it to give it the extra two g's at the end.
"yo, what a fuckin NIGG NIGG!"
by Marki G May 19, 2005
An actor that can turn any crap into something watchable or better. He's great.
Nicolas Cage turned that crappy movie into something totally awesome.
by Marki G May 19, 2005

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