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1 definition by Marker aka Widdly

A fallout of the classic widdly scuds comic. AFRICA refers to a very bright and colorful place of confusion, herbal plants commonly slang termed "AFRICA" can take one to this place of colorfulness. No warning on label, although, enjoying AFRICA can cause animals to come to real life, and one to enter a tribal state of mind. All ends abruptly with a flash of "AFRICA".
I was offered some "AFRICA" from my holmes in da hood. I travelled back to my 'crib' to take a bong hit and flicked on discovery channel. It was a brief moment, a lion was seen on screen, I was suddenly african and had a spear, the lion shot a laser beam that said AFRICA toward me, I saw the flash of "AFRICA" in colors. Revelation to say the least.
by Marker aka Widdly March 09, 2011