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this describes a scutting so brutal in the doggystyle position that the severity of this act could be compared to an LAPD swat team beating down the backdoor of a house that contained very bad people
I'd like to kick her / his / it's backdoor off its hinges
I'd like to kick her / his / it's backdoor RIGHT off its hinges
by Markdkny May 08, 2007
This describes the act of penetration so deep that it could in fact bruise the individual's spine
how would you like me to bruise your spine?
Christ, I'd like to bruise her / his / it's spine
by Markdkny May 08, 2007
this phrase describes sex in the famed doggy position that is so brutal and frenzied that it could be said that the build up of internal pressure caused by each vigorous thrust could in fact cause the "victim's" kidneys to in fact "pop"
Christ, I'd like to pop her / his / it's kidneys!!
by Markdkny May 08, 2007

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