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common slang in ireland for the word 'mouth'. mostly used as part of an insulting sentence. comes from the word 'beek', like a pigeon's beek. could also be prounounced 'baik'
'here, mate, i'll do your knees in'

'shut you your bake'
by Mark the Shark May 21, 2004
Arrival late to class under the Professor Rami Arav. Late come is cause for automatic dismissal from the classroom and an issuing of a failing grade.
Professor Arav: "No LATE COME!"
Foreign Student: "I apologize for my late come"
Professor Arav: "too late you fail because of late come"
Foreign Student: "@^*# #&(^@%&#!"
by Mark The Shark September 17, 2013
Peter Secchia, or "Pete Secchia" is a name founded on principles of solidity in reference to an Italian river.
"Peter Secchia solidly walked cattywompus across the street to purchase ducats from a big momma"
by mark the shark August 06, 2003
the sweat on one's ballsack.
it's so hot out i got a bad case of bag dew.
by mark the shark September 20, 2003
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