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A Milwaukee Slugger is achieved by loading a womans anus with ping-pong balls, baseballs, anal-beads, or even softballs??? (ouch) and then using your dick as a bat, through the vaginal wall, to knock the balls "out of the park."
Mike was giving me a Milwaukee Slugger last night, I can barely walk.
by Mark Weber May 30, 2007
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Origin: Bob's mom is a innocuous and arbitrary reference to a fictitious mother. Bob's mom acts as a less specific object of "Your Mom" jokes and references. Substitutes may include: Jon's Mom, Mike's Mom, Bill's Mom. Used mostly in the politically correct work environment to allow for kinder and more gentle "Mom" jokes that don't offend anyone in specific. For example:

Aaron: This project is huge and will take commitment and focus to get it done right.
Robert: Heh, just like Bob's Mom.
Aaron: I'm reporting you to HR.
Robert: Who's She?

More recently it is used as an adjective or verb.

1. used up; cashed; secondhand; second rate.
2. showing age or worn out.
3. Tired.
1. expend or consume.
2. take advantage of; exploit.
3. to get humiliated (bukkake); pwned; wasted.
1. this beer is bob's-mommed, shoot me another one.
2. bob's-mom jokes are so bob's-mom.
3. Jez, this baseball glove is pretty bob's-mommed.

1. Let's go out tonight and get bob's-mommed.
2. Quick! bob's-mom that beer, it's your turn to bat!
3. I bob's-mommed all over her face, then slapped her with a ham sandwich.

by Mark Weber April 23, 2008
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