7 definitions by Mark Twain

RAP is actually an acronym for Retards Attempting Poetry.
People who want to look "hard" like to blast "RAP" from their stereo speakers. In reality these "thugs" are insecure and illiterate.
by Mark Twain May 07, 2005
the fluid excement produced by the body, also called urine or piss.
OMG don't spread your moothrum all over the floor!
by Mark Twain February 28, 2005
The act of scrubbing ones nipples with a toothbrush like appendage while toothpaste is applied generously to your liking
While scoping Stan and his pals had a fresh time and robbed an abortion clinic of all the dead babies
by Mark twain November 03, 2013
One with homosexual tendencies.
Yo, dude, I'm your friend and all but when you touch me like that, I tend to think you're tricharico.
by Mark Twain February 14, 2005

v. -The act of of mastication, especially with relation to that of dried fruits.

n. -Slang: a gluttonus individual.
n. That man is an upikdyflabbernab.

v. Look at him upikdyflabbernabbing that food!
by Mark Twain February 15, 2005
A godlike creature with the penis the size of a horses
Oh my god, His wang is the size of Flipo's
by Mark Twain December 27, 2004
When a girl goes to grab a guy's dick, but instead grabs his balls.
"I think Scott's mad at me...I foul balled him pretty hard last night and hurt hium pretty bad."
by Mark Twain February 25, 2005

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