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A bowag which is incredibly long which has been released from the fingers, usually fixed to an overhang or from the fingers of a very tall person.

The Jedi art of mastering the stringy bowag is to make one form a long continuous drip from ceiling to floor. Over traits of a good bowag is its ability to drip more than once and thus placing random passers by under risk of random drippage.

Man have you ever seen a stringy bowag so long

That stringy bowag is going to drop at any minute
by Mark Townsend May 16, 2008
Very similar principles to a hit and run but instead of a car you hit your target with a fart and escape the crime scene without leaving evidence.

There are many ways to acomplish a Shit and Run, all with varying results and hilarity. One method, which is not very tactful, is to walk up to a friend and purposfully fart as close as you can to him, preferably with noise and a touch of moist splatter. This is best carried out in an office where the farticle can linger and there is a chance your target is on a chair and you can drop it in their mouth.

The stealth method is by far the best but does not work well with clingers (farts that follow you.) which will inevitably lead your victim to you. In this method you sneak up to an unsespecting person and quietly pop one out. This action can be covered up with conversation but a stern poker face is important. Once dropped leave the scene and watch as your farticle settles in their lungs. For real potent poppers it is best to get as far away as possible to remove suspicion.
Dude! I just totally shit and runned that gruop of nuns
by Mark Townsend May 16, 2008
A bowag is a long length of bodily fluid which is usually suspended from the fingers and then flicked away.

Generally bowags are made from nasal mucus as salava alone is not usually strong enough to form a good bowag unless there is a head cold present. Bowags can be started in one of two ways.

1. Grab a thick piece of snot from a nostril and slowly pull as much mucas as possible. If attached to a clinger they may be some nostril tickling and uncontrolable eye twitching. A good bowag can be made at this point but the goal is to get the snot to break from your nose and then 'drip' from the fingers without breaking. Et Voila, a bowag is formed which can be nurtured or discarded.

2. Stick one finger on one side of your nose to close the nostril and blow hard. Cup you hands and catch the mucus in your fingers. Continue as above.

Once a bowag has been made it can be flicked onto a overhanging object of your choice. This inturn becomes a stringy bowag which are usually much longer than a standard bowag due to the extra height from point of origin and the floor. When flicking care must be taken so the bowag does not become entangled with oneself.

Bowags should never be made of poo.
Man I just pulled a 2' bowag from my snout.

That bowag is going to drop any minute and land on that nun's head.

Dude that is a class A bowag!
by Mark Townsend May 16, 2008

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