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When a person acts strange in an every-day situation that makes them seem super paranoid. When something is really weird or is completely not-like what it appears to be. This behavior is really common in the Southeast United States.
Jeremy is so WIGGY when I ask him about his scar on his face.
#wig #trip #freak #freak-out #wacky
by Mark Towe December 06, 2005
When something costs nothing because one stole it.
Dude it cost me FREE-NINETY-NINE.
#free #five-fingered-discount #stolen #stole #steal
by Mark Towe December 06, 2005
A person who has a wealth of equipment they really can't use to it's extent. Usually a newbie or some looser who hopes to gain social stature through owning this equipment.
It's clear Jimmy is a gear queer - Look at all that gear he has hanging on his rack - He's only been climbing for a week or two!
#gear-head #gear-freak #equipment-freak #tech-head #gear-god
by Mark Towe December 06, 2005
A feeling one gets when he or she feels really messed-up in a pleasurable way. A state of conscience one obtains through enjoying mind-altering substances.
Dude I am So top-shelf right now!
Two blue-footballs and I'm top-shelf most of the day!
What's your dosage for that top-shelf feeling?
#buz #buzzin #buzzing #tanked #tore-down #messed-up
by Mark Towe December 06, 2005
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