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when you masturbate at least 16 times a day, on the hour, every hour
and sometimes at 30 mins past the hour.
rumours claim that Massmasturbation can cause blind people to regain their sight
(if theres any blind people reading this im not saying its true, believe me iv tried)
ted : did you hear about blind eric?
ted's imaginary friend : no, what happened?
ted : apparently he was on his 13th massmasturbation of the day when his eyes grew back! the doctor claimed it was a case of massmiracle
#what #a #load #of #balls
by Mark Spidon October 26, 2008
a comical yet serious and angry outburst for no reason in the middle of an assembly hall or public toilet
harold: Damn did you hear about what edward done in the assembly hall :O
simonson: no what:O
terrance: do tell
harold: well i heard from benjerman that he pulled down his trousers and shouted "nedips" at the top of his voice
nicholas: jesus christmas:O that wasnt wise, i heard that the head teachers a perve:O
thomas: yes
benjerman: did he get caught?
thomas: no he has nedipsitis and the teachers had to let him continue his outburst which turned into a rather nice rap battle at the end
#nedips #is #spiden #backwards #lol
by Mark Spidon October 23, 2008
to French haggis someone is to pull down there trousers and french kiss there genitalia
Mike : Woa did you see what nick done to pete!?
Mark : Ye he french haggised him in the middle of the maths corridor:O
#spiden #french #haggis #lol #etc
by Mark Spidon October 30, 2008
to grow clumps of hair from unusual places on the body, such as the ears or left knee

sometimes can be found in the goochal area covering up the genitles and creating a game for your partner/other half called "man or woman?" this is called a mega spiden
pete - have u seen marks spiden?
nick - yes, his knees were like the back of a bear
mike - i have a particularly erotic mega spiden
#hairy #clump #mark #clifford #bear
by Mark Spidon October 17, 2008
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