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A man who enjoys anal sex with women.
"She walks funny"..."because her boyfriends a real Backdoor Billy"
by Mark Preston March 12, 2003
During the act of anal sex, just before climax, particpant 1 withdraws their penis and places it under the nose of participant 2 ejaculating into their nasal passge. Participant 2 snorts ejaculant into their throat and proceeds to spit it back up into partipant 1's mouth
Bob gave Kimmie a Stinkin' Minken as a special treat.
by Mark Preston September 13, 2004
no real meaning, it is what u call someone when u are angry. or can be used as an insult it means they have a small penis or boobs depending on sex. can also be used as a parphrase to associate someone with being ugly
you spowie
by Mark Preston January 19, 2004
a person who collects cheese labels
i am a flamologist
by mark preston January 15, 2004
Balding fat ass with a penchant for porn. Master of four of the seven deadly sins: Gluttony, Sloth, Greed, and Lust.
Doots lay on the coach double fisting "festive specials" while watching porn.
by Mark Preston January 07, 2004
A term used by Central American latinos to describe africans. Especially African musicians
I can't stand that chumba music, play some more Gloria Estefan
by Mark Preston March 12, 2003
When a man places his penis and nuts between his legs making him look like a woman from the front. Turning around and bending over it appears a little mouse is peaking out
John Darragh liked to show his mastery of penis puppetry by performing the classi cat and mouse
by Mark Preston March 12, 2003

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