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A long shit
Ok, from now on, no more lengthy sojourns in the bathroom.
by Mark Nordenstein June 25, 2007
One's balls after a particularly rigorous handjob.
My God, that bird tossed me off so hard last night I went home with dry roasted peanuts!
by Mark Nordenstein April 26, 2007
To have a shit.
I went to Leeds yesterday, and we had dinner at an Indian Restaurant. Today, I'm going to write a lengthy blog.
by Mark Nordenstein June 25, 2007
To have a shit.
Where's Matt gone?

He's gone to develop his photos.

Ah. I will go and develop one's photos too I think.
by Mark Nordenstein June 25, 2007
As of when a girl is giving a blowjob, and stops to take a breath, but faces the dreaded strings of saliva/"pre-ejaculation fluid" that remain stuck between her mouth and the penis she is sucking.
So called because it resembles a spider web with morning dew on it.
"I was enjoying being sucked off so much last night I started to ooze. Sadly this was at the same time as the missus was taking a breath and we got spider juice. Legend has it that the Joneses down the road bottle and sell the stuff."
by Mark Nordenstein May 14, 2007
One of those ancient dried up rotten bees, or similar you find from time to time on the windowsill, or around various carnivorous plants. Sometimes can smell of shit.
"Hey I just found another scrunchy bug by the window! Kids...we're eating tea tonight!"
by Mark Nordenstein April 22, 2007
To have a shit.
Where did you go?

I went to check on the scones.
by Mark Nordenstein June 25, 2007

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