2 definitions by Mark Mulholland

when you are riding your gal (preferably front to front) hold onto her very tightly and start calling her the wrong name, like if her name is Sarah, call her Maria and see how long you can hold on for
here is the bucking broncho:
"Oh Sarah, oh yeah"
*gets a firm hold*
"Oh Maria, don't stop"
"what the f*ck did you call me?"
"Oh Maria, OH MARIA!!!!"
by Mark Mulholland July 27, 2006
when you are riding a girl from behind, you take out your cock, spit on her back, cum in her eye and kick her in the shin. the result is she will say "aaaaarr"
here is the pirate:
"oh that's good"
*hoch* *ptoo*
"what the f..."
by Mark Mulholland July 27, 2006

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