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A professional, well mannered drinker. Not to be confused with a drunk or a pisspot.
A drinkist is the ever-present, friendly, well mannered and sociable drinker. They have a great capacity for alcohol and NEVER appear drunk or cause offence. A true pro!
by Mark Lusher November 09, 2007
A Binjury is a beer, or beer-related, injury
An example would be blistered elbows from drinking beer seated at wooden tables, such as are found at the Oktoberfest, Munich - as in "I have sustained a binjury which has manifested as blistered elbows" (see belbows)
by Mark Lusher November 09, 2007
Blistered (or beer) elbows which have been cause by beer drinking.
Leaning on the bar or table for a prolonged drinking session may result in a single belbow or the ultimate "twin belbows" - the true mark of the professional drinkist (see drinkist)
by Mark Lusher November 09, 2007
Beer elbow or beer related injury (see binjury)
A belbow is a blistered or sore elbow(s) BeerELBOW from excessive leaning on the bar!
by Mark Lusher November 09, 2007
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