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Capital city of Venezuela with a population of aprox. 4 million people it is the most populated city of Venezuela. It is closed to the coast, but located in a Valley that sits 800 meters above the sea which gives a very pleasant climate to it.
one of the mountain sides is a National Park (El Avila) and at the top of the mountain there is a hotel (Hotel Humboldt) which you can get there trough a just remodeled ropeway system. The avila national park, Humboldt Hotel and Ice Skating rink are the most visited attraction in Caracas.

Caracas is also a Cultural center. The contemporary art museum Sofia Imber is one of the most important art museums in South America there you will find work from Picasso, Monet, etc. Also, every year Caracas is host of the International Theater Festival where you will be able to see work from everywhere in the world

Caracas is also recongized by its excellent restaurants with dishes from all around the world. Caracas is also home of the Largest Shopping mall in Latin America (The Sambil Mall) with 5 levels more than 500 stores (including designer stores and top restaurants) Hard Rock Cafe Live, a Theme Park, An Aquarium, 3 movie theaters, and it's own subway station.

Caracas is also a city where you will be able to see the tallest buildings in South America (Central Park Twin Towers) and enjoy it's amazing night life at the Altamira/Las Mercedes District.
Venezuela and Caracas are famous for its people which if you look at the Guinness World Record Book shows as the place with the most beautiful girls in the world..

So go there!!!
by Mark Lozinak July 01, 2005
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