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An inferior breed of sub-humans that download exploitatcious programs for use in computer games to supplement their bad genetics and lack of skill. As a result of such actions, they gain self-esteem from their apparent success, even though they had nothing to do with it.

A person who steals megahertz.
by Mark Lam February 09, 2004
A highly destructive psychological plague released by the neo-nazi affiliate, Verant. Symptoms of the virus include a brief sense of accomplishment followed by a rapid succession of worthlessness, the inability to function in a social setting, and permanent detrimental effects to one’s chances of getting laid. The only known cure is suicide, or Everquest II.
"Everquest only seconds Linux as a birth control method" - Anonymous
by Mark Lam February 09, 2004
Performing the act of copulation while the Male continuously spins his partner around the axis of his penis and makes helicopter (aka. machine gun) noises.
"I prefer peforming a sex-copter over a donkey punch anyday." - anonymous
by Mark Lam February 09, 2004
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