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19 definitions by Mark Kessel

Abbreviation for transmission that is used in NY Metro on a regular basis, but is not understood elsewhere.
I was on my way home when the tranny blew out.
by Mark Kessel January 13, 2008
176 78
An abbreviation for Long Island, NY.
Yo, I can't wait to go out to LI in the summertime.
by Mark Kessel January 19, 2008
61 33
A vernacular expression used by New York Metro inhabitants to refer to Long Island, NY.
Hey yo, you goin' out to The Island tonight?
by Mark Kessel January 19, 2008
31 13
The conjunction of "urban" and "suburbia" to describe the conditions where city and suburbs overlap for a more dense and city-like environment.
Bloomfield, NJ ain't much different than Rockville Center, LI, as they both can be described as urbania.
by Mark Kessel January 19, 2008
14 5
The Native American name for Long Island (NY), meaning "the island that pays tribute." In the colonial times, Long Islanders were forced to pay the indians a tributary fee not to be attacked by them.
Mr. Saranac says he's gonna bitch slap Paumanok if he's not paid.
by Mark Kessel January 19, 2008
8 1
Someone who maximizes their personality, influence and talents using the internet while simultaneously living out of their bedroom. Also abbreviated as Bedowar.
That kids one bad Bedroom Warrior.

She's not coming out tonight because she's being such a bedowar.
by Mark Kessel January 13, 2008
8 1
When someone does something so beyond retarded and you need to keep a level head about it, but you feel that you must inject a little dry sarcasm into the comment.
Paul man, how freakintarded are you?
by Mark Kessel January 26, 2008
7 1