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AKA: Major Census
Online gamer connected to inspiring soldiers to never give up hope, no matter what is lost.
M.C. is on msn..!

"Take a leaf outa MC's book"...
by Mark Johns October 22, 2006
Related to the antiquated attitude of new zealanders. Highly quailified people can't get work their because the kiwis dont understand the meaning of qualifications. People who are thick, stupid, and immigrants who want to bring their entire families over and into NZ are very welcome indeed. Don't go to New Zealand for a new start, because they will take all your money off you and send you packing. People who try hard and belive in NZ - are losing their jobs and dreams to foreigners who come from other countries - who don't even speak English and have no qualifications, except a beating heart...
My dear friend Major Census, a skilled furniture designer maker with a degree and being highly quailified could'nt get a job there. He contacted all the furniture makers in New Zealand and they said "Nah Bro" - you ain't good enough. It looks like all the Kiwi fukwits had imported Chinese products under a free trade agreement..? Those Kiwi fukwits - don't kno a chippendale from an Ikea..! To top it all, they don't know shit - sorry Maj - fuk those KIWI FUKWITS you deserved better - fuk Jump NZ..!
by Mark Johns October 23, 2006

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