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1. A good bowler who has a mind that can not leave the gutter.
2. Someone who get kicked out of buffet bars or children daycares, for various(and possibly related) reasons.
3. A younger-aged man who can throw strikes, as well as skip, dance, and sing Rod Stewart & boy band songs.
You dirty bowler, shave that French moustace off your face!
I heard that the dirty bowler has never been to a theatre with a girl. Gaaaaaaaay!
by Mark James March 27, 2005
Middle aged potbellied fat old fuckers with long greasy hair and a tangled beards. May also smoke, snort, shoot up, and, or swallow massive amounts of mind-expanding drugs. Wear dirty old clothes circa 1984 and rank of sweat and ass. Daily actvities include bitching about the woes of society and laying around in the alley where they live. Are to be avoided at all costs.
That fucking hippy stinks like a dead man's farts.
by Mark James October 09, 2003

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