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Urban slag for tampon, specifically for one 'up the chute' i.e. in use.
'Hey Paul could you nip to the shops and get me a Rat Whistle, im bleeding all over the place. Shit better get the extra absorbant ones, my knickers look like a butchers apron.'
by Mark Hedley August 23, 2007
A white, hot liquid that shoots out of a cock during orgasm, bringing joy and satisfaction to its producer. Thought to contain small tadpoles that make girls pregnant when shot into a fanny during coitus.
'Cover me in your Hot Joy you bastard.'

'Hey Steven, have you ever tried to shoot your own Hot Joy into your mouth?'

'So Katie, you said you were at home at the time of the incident, so could you please explain why your hair is matted with the victims Hot Joy? Hmmmm? Well?'

by Mark Hedley August 23, 2007
When a man removes a used, bloody Rat Whistle from a menstrual girls fanny by the string using his teeth, then energetically shakes his head from side to side producing red, bloody Tiger Stripes on the face.
'Have you heard the good news? Dave's only gone and got his fucking tiger stripes!'
'Fuck off, I won't believe it!'
'No, it's true, here look at this polaroid, he looks like Tony the fucking Tiger'
'Thats Greaaat! I'll buy that fuckweed a pint next time I see him'
by Mark Hedley September 12, 2007

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