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Any area of a (usually) large metropolis where gay people live, work and hang out. Often the neighborhood contains several gay bars, gay bookstores, and other "gay friendly" business establishments.
Some rather famous Gay Ghettos include the Castro district of San Francisco, Greenwich Village and Chelsea in NYC and Dupont Circle in Washington, DC.
by Mark Edward May 09, 2006
The gay neighbors who live in the apartment, townhouse, brownstone, building, swiss chalet or English castle next to yours.
Russell and Cody are my next-door-gaybors.
Ennis and Jack never got the chance to be gaybors.
by Mark Edward May 09, 2006
A male family member to whom you are related who seeks out other gay uncles. Opposite of Lesbian Aunt.
Gay Uncles--you either got one or you are one -- or both!!!
by Mark Edward May 09, 2006
A gay man or lesbian from Tulsa.
Bruce and Lance just moved here from Tulsa--they're a couple of real Oklahomosexuals!
by Mark Edward May 09, 2006

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