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4 definitions by Mark D'Antonio

An extremely fortunate situation, comprising of a group of two or more single and available females. Especially related to girls attracted to other girls, or overwhelming nudity.
Five girls in a hot tub? Brah, that's Poontacular.
by Mark D'Antonio October 29, 2006
Utter and complete goofiness
When I stumbled upon the 'midget and farm animal' theme party it was compete shamboozlery
by Mark D'Antonio December 24, 2005
a twisted group of objects, people or places that do not fit together
Trying to organize a karaoke contest and a naked midget twister showdown resulted in complete confuckery.

Setting up two different sound systems on the playa usually results in audio confuckery; so turn the Disco Duck off, already.
by Mark D'Antonio January 09, 2009
Utter and completely ridiculous goofy situations; often encompassing the usage of midgets, farm animals and/or trained dancing poodles.
$200 a ticket for a midget puppet show? Lets shine this Shamboozlery.

That shindig at Mark's was complete Shamboozlery, the donkey show was the last straw.
by Mark D'Antonio November 28, 2007