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A class player with the ability to score goals,looks strangely like Patrick Viera, does many tricks and is a bit like MC HAMMER in the way of u can't touch this
My god its the Viera look alike and look at him dribble his way round all them people he is a legend
by Mark Butler October 24, 2004
Someone who enjoys football and likes making people laugh. Also 1 of 2 people (Mark is other) who like 2 make songs about people, funny one's at that.
I'm off 2 play footy "man ur such a Sepi"
by Mark Butler October 25, 2004
A true Tottenham fan and a cool one at that, also is great at randomness e.g Mark Butler
Wow that is 1 true Yid
by Mark Butler October 25, 2004
A condition when you turn into Howard Last. Getting different colour skin and say poor jokesand laugh like ur dying.
My god ur looking like Howard 2day
by Mark Butler October 25, 2004

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