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Similar to "blow it out your ass" or "tell somebody who cares"; to put a spin on it. Something to say if someone is jabbering in your ear for any reason and you don't care at all.
"so then i told her 'i'm done, i cant deal with this anymore, find someone who really loves..."

"STOP. shut up. I don't care. Scream it out your back, man."
by Mark Boulger May 03, 2007
N. a term used to describe almost everything, to an extreme. other terms may include "nails on a board" or "rusty nails on a warped board" if its really bad or good.
"your as dumb as nails, man."
"im as tired as nails"
"fuck im as bored as rusty nails on a warped board."
by Mark Boulger October 21, 2006

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