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Some guy who thinks life is all about sex, getting fuckered on alcohol, weed, and having a lesbian girlfriend while still calling himself a Christian. This guy also claims to have dropped out of uni because he was on the wrong course, obviously he DROPPED out, why? Because he failed.
But yet still has the decency to call former friends a flop.
Fuck you dumbass, my life is better off without you.
I won't see you in hell, also I wont see you with any qualifications either. Ha!

Someone who you think is your friend but turns out not to be, can be classed as a Frenemy or Backstabber

Someone who is a hypocrite and talks shit about you when they themselves are the epitome of what is So-Called friend and failure.
Friend 1: I can't believe he said that. =O
Friend 2: Puh, So-Called friend indeed.
by Mari~ November 18, 2009
Teen Girl Squad is series of animated toons created, drawn and voiced by StongBad, the guy with the big red boxing gloves.

Teen Girl Squad consist of :
So and So
What's her Face
The Ugly One.

The series follows these teenage girls (13yo - 19yo) as they progress through school and phases.
Funny, a must watch if bored.

Find more at : htt p:// www. homest arrunner. co m/tgsm enu.html

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"Teen Girl Squad" Quotes:

"Sooo Goood"
"I can count to purple backwards"
"Floordrummed!Stepmommed! PomPomed?"
by Mari~ November 18, 2009
To be squashed by homestarrunner. com's character PomPom
In an episode of TGS when the ugly one is the drummer of TGS's band KissyBoots she gets pompomed.
by Mari~ November 18, 2009

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