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A university in East Lansing, Michigan. Mostly for the bitter students who did not get into U of M. 90% of the students are arrogant assholes from small towns in Michigan. They all dress the same too with that stupid as hell fugly North Face jackets. Most of the guys are unattractive, pretentious wannabe jocks or frat brothers. A lot of the girls are raging whores with bad fashion senses leading them into Wet Seal. There are the minorities who are chill or plain annoying and loud. There are wannabe scensters and farmers. This place is stupid- avoid it like the plague. I went there so i know what I am talking about.

Maybe there is something in the water, considering it taste like shit.

On the plus side there some reefer madness.
MSU is loaded with hicks. YEE HAW!
by Marissa624 August 06, 2005

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