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How the hell does some guy get off defending our city by comparing it to Detroit??? And no, our subways are not clean, they look like crappy versions of the ones in NYC, but filled with angry persian women and brown kids trying to act black. I see people everywhere pretending to be sophisticated like them New Yorkers, which may be tolerable if they didn't look so constipated and uptight. The government here is just as unoriginal.. while Portland and San Fran are already densifying their metros like Vancouver, the arrogant gas-bags in city council are busy building a big ugly sprawl the size of New York with less than 1/4 of the population. Such backwards mindset over here; I'd move to Vancouver in an instant if a house there didn't cost $750,000.
We need some original people here to help Toronto out.
by Marissa L December 01, 2006

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