29 definitions by Marissa

spore porn
wow! look at those mushrooms sporning!!! have you ever seen something so beautiful in your entire life??
by marissa December 14, 2003
realy tight clothes people wear, designed by a totaly hottie... Master P.
p. miller clothes are the best clothes in stile right now
by marissa November 10, 2003
slang term for the city silver spring in maryland.
silver spring is the best, i love maryland!
by marissa April 12, 2005
to poke someone with something sharp
"dana, i stabbeth you" *pokes dana in the arm with a stick*
by marissa November 09, 2003
background: pikes peak workcamp
definition: a word that can be subsituted in for any other word.
"Your pangis is on fire!"
"Aw pangis!"
"I love the pangis my boyfriend bought me"
by Marissa August 09, 2004
meaning on the real, are you serious
I just got with that chick over there last night.
On the What?
On the real.
by Marissa May 01, 2004
Hair cut
Looks like he just got his naps a fro check.
by Marissa August 09, 2003

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