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1. A large group of motorcycle riders who are known to make a ton of noise with their engines and mouths wherever they go to get attention. They all ride Harley motorcycles and nobody in South Park likes them so instead of calling them motorcycle riders, they call them faggots. As seen on South Park season 13 episode 12.
1.A large group of motorcycle riders are making a bunch of noise by revving up their engines when suddenly a chubby kid named Cartman interrupts their faggotry.
Cartman: "I hope you guys know that nobody likes you guys and you are all total faggots!"

Motorcycle Gang Leader: "How can we possibly be faggots? I mean do you hear this?" He then continues to rev up his engine like a total faggot.

2. A group of motorcycle riders pull up to a stoplight in South Park. They then begin to rev up their engines and make a motorcycle sounding noise with their mouths to get attention from everybody enjoying their meal at the South Park cafe.

Stan's dad gets up from his seat and yells "You goddamn faggots! as the bikers loudly speed away.
by MarioThePlumber January 22, 2011

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