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ACDC lead guitarist, one the best guitar players out there. His high voltage high speed picking solo's are always cool!

Uses very cool stage mimics.
Awsome guitar player : Angus Young
by Mario Verkerk November 25, 2003
Dutch swear word.
If you not have your day you just say very laud: Teringzooi!

a word like goddamnit.
every thing is going wrong...TERINGZOOI!!!!!
by Mario Verkerk December 02, 2003
Elst is a small village in Holland.
And the home town of Hollands finest guitarists.
Hey where you from?
- Elst
by Mario Verkerk December 02, 2003
This model of Ibanez guitars is the best in it's price catogory.
And what a nice finish!!!

Plays great, looks great and is build to last.
My Guitar = Ibanez RG320fawn
by Mario Verkerk December 02, 2003
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