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a part of the legendary rap group tritown hustlaz. he was one of the illest lyricists ever to grace the mic. creator of tracks such as packin skoal, cops on patrol. born in the queensbridge projects, he teamed up with d wig in 1995 when mobb deep dropped the infamous. their demo tape 36 Chambers (Enter the Hustlaz) was the hottest shit on the streets. d swizz's raps describing project life in boxford made millions. he retired to boxford in 1998
d swizz is the realest

yea they packin skoal cops on patrol, u know how they do

by Mario Rosario June 30, 2006
Part of the legendary rap group tritown hustlaz with d wig and d swizz. he served a 10 year jail sentence after being caught with 2 pounds of heroin in his middleton project apartment. after being released, he signed to Hustlaz Records under CEO Christian Bandereck and released some of the greatest rap albums in decades. He even produced his own TV Show, the Salvizzle Show, about his life growing up in the projects. Featured on D Wig's smash hit "Packin Skoal, Cops on Patrol", his rap career took off and his albums went multi-platinum. Unfortunately, Hustlaz Records collapsed after CEO Bandereck was sentenced to life in prison on charges of child pornography.
salvizzle is the greatest rapper of all time
by Mario Rosario July 09, 2006

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