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An annoying stalkerish person who won't leave you alone.
Chick1:"Girl, your text tone keeps ringing off the wall!"
Chick2:"I know! Ugh, its this stupid bug a boo that won't leave me alone!"
by Mario! April 05, 2009
Somebody you have in check, they do what you command.
person1: "Yo, pick up my pencil"
person2: "Ight"
person1: "Ahh, checkmate! You my bitch!"
by Mario! April 01, 2009
1. Something that has unpleasant smell.
2. Something that looks nasty/raunchy.
3. Something that you don't want to do, that is lame/time wasteful.
Definition 1. "Ew maine! Yo armpits are RANNK!"
Definition 2. "Dude, yo bathtub needs some scrubbin'! Talk about rank!"
Definition 3. "Damn dawwwg, this homework is rank!"
by Mario! April 05, 2009
The word you use when your at a loss for words. A word that never goes outta style. Can be used as sarcasm too!
Dude1"Man, i got some more twinkies for the house!"

Dude1"I got asked out by that chick over there!"
Dude2"Ha, well your just too cool."(sarcasticly)
by Mario! April 05, 2009
Fuckin ugly!
OR; fat and ugly!-fugly!
"Dude, see that chick over there?"
"She asked me out!"
"Ha, wow your cool. Cause that bitch FUGLY!"
by Mario! April 05, 2009

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