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8 definitions by Marine

Large, round, firm hindquarters,generally associated with, but not limited to the african american female. Also, a good place to set one's beer while engaged in the doggystyle position. Not to be confused with ghetto-way booty.
Yo, check out the ghetto booty on her!
by marine February 20, 2005
425 225
Marines are a department of the navy...the men's department. Better than the army. Marines does the shit, army steps in it, airforce smells it, navy watches it, national guard eats it.
Guy 1: "Wow...the job actually got done."

Guy 2: "That's because a marine did it."
by marine January 10, 2005
516 347
An extremely large, usually flabby, saggy, or otherwise unattractive rear on a woman. Generally found on morbidly-obese females, and easily confused by those unexperienced at tagging ass.
"Yo, check out the ghetto booty on her!"
"Dude, she's a porker. That ain't a ghetto booty...that's a ghetto-WAY booty!"
by marine February 20, 2005
153 54
The standard "o_o" face coupled with an 'a' to indicate scratching of the head. The scratching of the head is also to indicate that the user is thinking, and also is used sometimes to indicate wonder or confusion.
Marine: Hey, what'd you do today?
Person: Hmm.. o_oa
by Marine December 05, 2003
56 9
An uncomplicated question to get people to talk.

It was first used by Marine in the summer of 2003 when he joined one of the elite guilds on Ragnarok Online. The people in the guild did not talk often, and being as talkative as he was, Marine broke the ice by asking everyone a simple question: What did you eat today?

It is a question that is easy to answer and concerns a topic that everyone can relate to (food); the perfect icebreaker.
In the summer of 2004:

Esperine: What did you eat today?
Alynia: I had pizza! o_o
Persona: Chicken D:
Verdande: Mmm.. noodles ;o
by Marine October 07, 2004
30 12
A very powerful theorem, especially for math, created by Ms. Coleman. It involves complex steps such as flipping to the back of the book, looking up the chapter and problem, then copying down the answer onto your paper.
"Ms. Coleman, how do you do #31?"
"Check the back of the book."

The Coleman Theorem at its finest.
by Marine February 01, 2007
4 1
the sound that comes out when your talking and you forget what your saying in the middle of a sentance.
so people know to forget what you just said cause repeat transmission is coming out
ok heres a good exap...flatter-blatter
blatter-flatter flatter -blah.

right lets start again
by marine January 15, 2004
7 11