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5)Any irregular verb or noun that you can't find a word for
5)-I don't like driving down this road, it's got flism in it,
-My clothes have weird flisms on them
-you're such a flism
-I'm flisming it
by marina February 20, 2004
(v) To friend

to add to your friends list on your internet journal
LJ User 1: Hey! Will you please friend me?
LJ User 2: I friended you last weekend, stupid.
by Marina November 15, 2004
In Sulphur Springs, to be" Skeeted up like Mother Fucker" is to high as balls on cocaine.
according to qui-qui, they was" skeeted up like a mo-fucker " that night.
by Marina June 24, 2004
a girl with red hair hu apparently knows heaps of guys, and was voted one of the three girls in her year most likely to have sex first. she also has a guy living with her alot of the time. hahaha
to a girl who has had sex: youre such a trudie
by marina February 05, 2004
what u call sumone thats weird, or a freak , well the WORD says it all!

"OMG celeste is such a freak on a leash !!!!what is she DOING!"
by marina August 30, 2003
caleb is a fuck tard whos hot
caleb at gold medal honors acdemy
by marina April 16, 2005

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