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A softcore version of the more widely known sixty nine. The dry sixty nine is donw with clothes on. Side effects may inclue: denim face, velcro chin, zipper burn and draw string asphyxia
That girl was such a prude, she would only dry sixty nine!

Come on honey, are you really gonna be that mad? All I did with that girl was dry sixty nine. It was totally innocent!
by Marin Dad August 04, 2008
A side of effect of the dry sixty nine. It is caused when the chin is chafed by over zealos dry sixty nining when one or more participant is wear pants or short with a velcro fly.
Man, I got the worst velcro chin from dry sixty nining that prude bitch last night.
by Marin Dad August 04, 2008
choking caused when the drawstring of a participants pants or shorts get tangled around another's neck while they are engaged in a dry sixty nine
That dude almost died from drawstring asphyxia while he was dry sixty nining his prude girlfriend.
by Marin Dad August 04, 2008
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