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The coolest people on the planet.

Us Marilyns know whether or not your parents ever cared about you--through your name. If you were named Sarah or Rachel, your parents didn't think too hard about what kind of name to give you, and that obviously means that they didn't care about you. Us Marilyns--our parents actually gave a shit about us and put some real thought into how we will be addressed throughout our lives--and gave us the coolest name in on the fucking planet, MARILYN!!

We aren't named after Maryland. Surprisingly, most people think so, and therefore most people are retarded.

Looks really cool in cursive.

None of us were ever named after Marilyn Monroe. But we sometimes lie about it as a conversation starter.

They are great lovers.

Often nicknamed "Marijuana."


Marilyn: "Hi I'm Marilyn."
Other person with a boring-ass name: "Whoa, really? Like the state?"
Marilyn: "No, dumbass, MARILYN."
by Marilyn1111 March 16, 2007

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