1 definition by Marilyn Manson meets Krishna

1) A charector in the popular novel: The Final Resperation by Kuang Ying and Le Le Xi

2) Ben in a pink, fluffy, tutu...

3) A schizophrenic transvestite with a split personality of Ben (see defination two ) and phr33k resultig in a man-chick with green and purple hair.

4) the Mather (mother and father) of the Twinks (whom are responsible for the S.T.D's causing the death of their civilization and the rise of the Swinks).

5) the creator of tea (the magical substance that transform the drinker into a ninja spyder munkeh).

6) almighty one who mutates into singing dolphins (thanks for all the fish!)

For more information, vist http://www.myspace.com/tsukikolynn
God became a transvestite, destroyed Mu (earth), and procreated with him (and her self).
by Marilyn Manson meets Krishna January 29, 2007

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