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A superior Australian Youtuber that is famous for his Alf Stewart overdubs, such as "Alf hates gay kunts", "Alf Stewart at the Logies", "Alf Stewart Slippery Gypsy" and more. Also has a picture of Josef Fritzl wearing a WORLD'S GREATEST DAD shirt on his profile.
Doodleburger is one fair dinkum Aussie legend!
by Marijuana Milo July 09, 2011
An Australian Youtube sensation from Brisbane who's got hundreds of videos and has multiple channels including 1GOD1JESUS and GayGregie. He's pretty funny.
The theme song for MrStripyHead: "MrStripyHead he's so good in bed, you should give him head, suck his wiener!"
by Marijuana Milo November 10, 2011
A superior bikie dude from Ashgrove in Brisbane who likes to ride out to Wivenhoe with his mates, drink VB on the trip and toss the cans over to the side of the road. Also known for his big long bikie beard which he hasn't shaved since 1977.
Policeman: You are under arrest for riding under the influence and throwing cans on the side of the road.

Marijuana Milo: You can't arrest me, for I am Marijuana Milo.
by Marijuana Milo July 13, 2011
A brand of shirts that is advertised on Urban Dictionary that has some very sexy young girls in their ads.
There's this Snorgtees ad with a very hot woman wearing a shirt saying "Come to the nerd side. We have Pi." and she's pulling her shirt up, showing her pierced navel.
by Marijuana Milo September 09, 2011

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