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An unnatural or unusually low-pitched voice, esp. a woman or young child trying to sing like Pavarotti
When your 5-year old boy sings: "You were born... loooong ago, long ago, long ago, loooooooooooong ago," in falsalto, attempting to sound like a famous opera tenor or alto in order to taunt you
by MarielleCB August 19, 2008
That feeling of soothing reassurance you get when you (mistakenly) tell yourself it was probably nothing important.
You go into a room to get your watch, once you get into the room you forget why you went in there (see: destinesia), you experience anxiety at not being able to remember, but then salve your unpleasant feelings with fauxtopia.
by Mariellecb February 04, 2009
–noun 1. an unnaturally or artificially low-pitched voice or register, esp. in a young boy or woman trying to sound like a man
2. a person who sings with such a voice.
–adjective 3. of, noting, or having the quality and compass of such a voice.
–adverb 4. in a falsalto
Young Ethan was running around the house taunting his mother singing, "You were born, long ago, long ago long ago looooooong agooooooo" in his falsalto.
by MarielleCB October 07, 2008

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