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Contrary to popular belief, the term feminist describes someone (of any gender) who wants equal rights between genders. True feminists are NOT all a bunch of man-bashing, hairy women who "just need to get laid", who only want men to be subservient to get special privileges for women.

The feminist ideology calls for EQUAL RIGHTS between genders, not the oppression of men. However, many people still seem to take a statement like this: "We want equality between the sexes, we want to be treated as people and valued just as much as men, and we want a quality of life that does not leave us entirely dependant upon men," and turn it into something like this: "We want men to pay for oppressing us for all of history, so we're gonna take away all their rights and force them to stay at home with the kids all day watching Oprah and the Oxygen network. Oh, and we want to rid the world of porn, strippers, shaving products, and makeup."

It is still possible for someone, such as a porn-lovin', makeup-wearing, clean-shaven woman to call herself a feminist. Feminism does NOT call for the elimination of gender roles, merely equality and flexibility between them.
Correct usage: "Of course I want equal rights, I'm a feminist."

Incorrect usage: "What?!? That hot chick over there says she's a feminist? Yeah right."
by Marie Jayne July 20, 2008

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