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when a guy beats off in a pool and the cum forms little small pearl-like balls - because the cum does not mix with the water. And the cum-balls fall to the floor of the pool and someone can actually pick thtem up, until the cum hits air, then it melts back to the original slimmy form.
Sue went pearl diving, after Mike's sperm, just to prove Mike and Brandon wrong.
by Marie September 13, 2004
A rare form of sex where the guy actually inserts his penis into the lady's vagina.
Wow, Sesing is fun, AND logical.
by marie February 24, 2005
wirey corse hair with the same texture as a scorra
heee look at that bird shes got a mostache hanging out her knickers she could put a quiff in that
by marie August 04, 2003
Reminiscent of when 50 dicks try to get in one hole. Everything is so jammed and tangled up nothing can move in any direction.
I tried to make things better but was stuck in a huge clusterfuck.
by Marie May 21, 2003
how ur boyfriend or girlfriend does u
My x boyfriend is fucked up for what he did
by marie January 15, 2005
its smells like that brown thing that comes out ya ass every now and then
god dam my boyfriend smells of poo
by marie August 11, 2003
(not just a girl from a little town in Virginia)

My rapper name. Soon to be multiplatinum rapper. More hardcore than you.
M-killa has got some tight hip hop beats that will bring down the house, holla!
by Marie February 28, 2005

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