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The group of homeowners at the looped end of a street that form their own mini-society. Neighborly ties run deeper than "borrowing a cup of sugar". Once you're in the cult, you stay in.
Paul: Have you seen much of the Johnson's lately?
John: No, ever since they moved into that cult-de-sac, they've been spending all of their time at neighborhood book club meetings and family mixers.
by MariachiMello November 04, 2009
The sickly feeling one gets after partaking in too many festival activities, such as eating and drinking.
Bro: Dude, I think I ate too many brain sandwiches, I'm feeling festive-ill.

Dude: That's what you get for eating on Franklin Street.
by MariachiMello October 09, 2009
The "Be Right Back" Detour.
When one plans on doing something in a timely manner, but becomes sidetracked and forgets to do it. An unintentional Be Back Later.
Sorry my email was late. I was going to get back to you sooner, but I took a brbtour on my way back from the kitchen and totally spaced.
by MariachiMello March 02, 2009
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