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Basically, fake cereal, not (che)real. Chereal is most likely cheap, because it makes it easier to compete with the brand they actually copied.

These brands are also usually named something nearly the same, something that means the same but is basically just a cheaper version.

The brands also have an image that relates to the actual brand it is bootlegging, as well. Or something completely random. Like an image of three African American kids running after a kangaroo.
Some examples of chereal brands are Crispy Rice, Frosted Fruity, Oh's, and General Gnash.
by MariaPalooza August 03, 2008
A word to describe someone who is too uptight and boring. Someone who doesn't take risks and leads a way too normal life. Someone who isn't happy enough with their life and will always have that uptight attitude.

Un meaning not, and laid meaning having sex.
That guy is not fun at all, he is unlaid.
by MariaPalooza August 02, 2008
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