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Homo sexual male of latin descent. Gay Male. Feminine man. Fairy-like Male with female tendencies.
Ese Punal me quiere cojer. My primo Juan es un Punal. No me dejes solo con este punal.
by MariaAntonia July 13, 2006
Slut, Whore, Easily seduced. Drunk woman at bar. Flirtatious woman. A female that sleeps around on her husband/ boyfriend. Likes to have lots of sex with different guys. Easy to bed.
Me voy a echar a esa puta. Me gusta es putita. Me gusta conocer putas en los clubs.
by MariaAntonia July 13, 2006
A Mexican children singing group of the eightees. Famously known for dancing with costume characters.
Quiero ver a alos parchis en la tele.
by MariaAntonia July 13, 2006
A slang used by fresa putas, to describe something disgusting and unnatractive. Usually used by primped up latina putas in East L.A. when wanting to appear sophisticated and chic to others. Paris Hilton wanna bes use this term.
"eww, that guy is grody"
"she gots grody toes"
"that tuna sandwich looks grody."
"She has grody teeth".
by MariaAntonia July 16, 2006
a salvadorian man, or woman. Used to speak about them withought them knowing. A Central American native.
Mira el cochinero que dejo ese salvatruchi. Esa salvatruchi tiene buenas nalgas. Me gustan la comida de los salvatruchis.
by MariaAntonia July 13, 2006

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