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3 definitions by Maria Roz

Kiss kiss
used either as an oral greeting or in writing (chat, email, letter)
It is usually associated with chick type of thing but not in all of the cases.
MWAH MWAH! babes see you on Friday, Love You!
by Maria Roz July 31, 2006
The preception Hollywood, MTV, and certain people, limited experience, limted exposure (background)etc... give of latin people.
behavour, attitudes, interests and generalisations...
Usually regarding sex
refelected in the media adopted by viewers, with little critism to tell apart
appeareance from reality, entertainment from the real thing.
everyone dancing on the streets,women in bikinis everywhere is MTV Lat
by Maria Roz July 30, 2006
A word no gentleman or lady should use!

A woman that confuses Sexual contact with affection , and affection with love, might be attention seeking in their motive unconciously, and believes men and women should be the same when it comes to sex, they attempt to be able have dettach sex (usually because they have been hurt by men and are actually afraid , deep down)
Wants to believe sex will make a guy geniunely interested, and stay (they leave)
A women that allows herself to become a sexual object for men to play with (this girls don't end up getting anything else)

they are usually just as nice as any other girl, it's just they are a bit "lost" an appear to others as "no girlfriend material"
...challenge is lost guys get bored

(man are okay being men ....women are okay being women)
....A women who believe the whole sexual revelotion was invented by women, gets hurt, and gets in a vicious circle.
(the sexual revolution is something created by men, women THINK they came up with it)
with no bad intention, gets bad reputation, and a number of men end up trying there luck (men usually say crap behind this girls back, but try their luck them selves)

....women also give "sluts" more ..."bad Fame" and sometimes help this girl get out of control....
Also it is an helpful name calling since the more girls are called this the the "easier" they become.
Since they associate it with part of their really behavioer
No one can be a slut, they can be easy at some point it is a conduct not an identity.
That girl is such a slut! Maybe I should chill with her for a "while" before some other punk gets her!
by Maria Roz July 31, 2006