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A Gorgeous, smart, sweet girl who is full of confidence. Heart of a bull, so she can smell the b.s! Knows how to get the party started. Social Butterfly, but would rather just be around close friends, and family. No one can truly hate Oshia for her beauty inside, and out captures you. Quiet at times, but far from shy. Do not look Oshia in the eyes you will fall in love for eternity. Never has a problem attracting the opposite sex, in fact feels overwhelmed with the amount of guys who want her. Can please her significant other physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially, and is a great friend. If you do not like Oshia it's because your man does. Stay off Oshia's bad side.
Oshia is heaven on earth.
by maria maria December 26, 2012
A playful, cute, chunky (fat), sweet girl.
"Fluffy Bunnies are the best girlfriends".

"Yo, check out that Fluffy Bunny on your right. She's too hot!"
by Maria Maria June 23, 2007
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