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this is big in atlanta, georgia, for whatever reason.

it's an expression of agreement.
"oh my god, that girl is such a slut."
"i know, right? i heard she hooked up with two guys in one night!"
by maria March 04, 2003
the first mate on Captain Voldemorts crew
Yarr when papo comes around pretend to be scrubbin the deck savy? arrr
by Maria June 07, 2004
Not a black person you racist son f a bitch.
Cletus is the real Boog, let's lynch him.
by Maria March 11, 2003
Everyone hates each other and dont get along. mmmdie.
the bella mafia. mmfugly.
by maria April 07, 2005
Lead singer of MCR!Amazing vocalist and songwriter n hes also HOT!!!Unique and oh so talented....i love him <3 x
Gerard Way is God <3<3<3<3<3
by Maria April 21, 2005
against me likes jesus. and fucking. and drinking alcoholic beverages while licking whipped cream off of my body. i also happen to be the virgin mary, fucks.
maria: you guys suck. sell outs
against me: yeah..
by maria October 09, 2004
to Google-search a love interest
So the guy I met at a bar last night? I Oogled him; it turns out he runs marathons and was once arrested for punching a police officer. Hot, no?
by Maria January 26, 2005

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